12 Hours of Bliss

I was fortunate to be one of 5% of patients who do not have a worsening of symptoms* when starting the Guaifenesin Protocol.  

Within a couple of months, I was able to spend more time out of bed. I regularly showered and began walking. I gained control over my home and bookkeeping. I also helped care for my 87 year old Mother-In-Law several hours a week, and I made online friends through Fibrobuddies on Guaifenesin on Facebook. 

At my six month checkup, my specialist and I decided to increase my Guaifenesin dosage to help me clear faster; it was unsuccessful. After an increase of only 300 mg for three days, I crashed and was bedridden again for months (this is not common). I’ve been taking guaifenesin now for a year and feeling a little better each day. 

After months of having not enough energy to be out of bed for long, I awoke feeling really good. It was like stepping back in time...pre-fibro symptoms. With my typical Type A personality (going, going, going), I felt like “me” again. It was one of those beautiful days where I had a burst of energy, not for a random hour or three, but for a full 12 hours! 

In those 12 hours of pure bliss, I wrapped gifts, filled out a dozen Christmas and mailed them at the post office. I put gas in my SUV and shopped for stocking stuffers while waiting for my prescription to be filled. I bought a Christmas tree on the way home, and put out a few decorations. After resting for an hour, I drove 20 miles to my weekly chiropractic appointment, all the while singing along with the radio. I spent the evening visiting with my husband and daughter, engaged in conversation that required clear thinking. Oh, how I took that for granted pre-fibro! Before I found Guaifenesin, I could do maybe one of those things per day, if that.

I awoke to the “me” I’d come to know during the past decade. I was fatigued, but I didn’t feel any worse than was normal for me on a regular day. That told me that I hadn’t done too much, which is typical when feeling better. I am changed by the gift of health and vitality that I temporarily experienced. I have a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart, because I know if I can have one good day, there are more to come. 

Yours are coming, too, and they will be blissful!

*The more common slight increase in symptoms indicates that the Guaifenesin is working to clear the body’s excess phosphates.