How I Got My Life Back From Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue (FMS/CFS)

I began the Guaifenesin Protocol in January 2015. I was hopeful of getting my life back after 60 of my 66 Fibromyalgia symptoms became asymptomatic. Although most of these symptoms had dissipated, I was barely able to function from Chronic Fatigue.  

Over the past year, I warned my husband and adult daughters that I was afraid I was a good as I was going to get -- that I'd never get over the chronic fatigue. I knew the Protocol worked, I just figured it didn't work completely for me. I stayed with it, however, because the 24/7 headaches, weekly migraines, interstitial cystitis, IBS, anxiety, depression, all over aches and pains among other symptoms, were held at bay. All that remained, besides being tender to the touch, was chronic fatigue. 

Just when I had given up on ever having energy again, it happened. I awoke feeling good on August 13th, 2016. Just 20 months after beginning Dr. St Amand’s Guaifenesin Protocol. I have felt good every day since. I have had cycles, brief periods of feeling good before, but this is different. 

I have restorative sleep now. I dream again. I awaken happy and grateful. I make the bed, shower, wash and style my hair, cook breakfast, exercise, clean my home, do errands, plan meals and grocery shop, make dinner and hang out with my husband every day. It's miraculous. It's not at all how I expected it to be, with a gradual return to health, improving every day.

Everyone’s recovery is different. For me, it was more like I was drowning and suddenly broke through the water's surface and could breathe again. 

My husband, who has been caring for me since my diagnosis in 2004, has been cautiously optimistic. Every day returning home from work, he'd peer around the corner to see if I was seated in our living room or lying in bed again. Finally, a few nights ago,  he told me that he'd finally gotten everything he'd been praying for all of this years -- and he got it all at once. He's more discombobulated at my recovery than I am. For me, my 12.4 years spent mainly lying down, is now like a hazy memory, dreamlike, surreal. 

My future is finally here. I take care of my mother in law about 4 hours per week and enjoy it so much, that I'm starting a Senior Concierge Service. Looking forward to working again is something I only dreamed of. Now it's happening. I am beyond grateful and hope for the same for you all!

~ Lynn