22 Months on Guaifenesin and Feeling Great: A Before-and-After Look

I can hardly explain the difference that the Guaifenesin Protocol has made in my life without providing a glimpse of the before and after.

Keeping a Symptom Journal is of the utmost importance for finding the correct dosage and marking progress. I didn’t follow the Guaifenesin Protocol perfectly; I made mistakes along the way and figured out what to do as I went along.

I still got better. So can you! 

My symptom journal prior to starting the Guaifenesin Protocol in Jan 2015 reads: 

  •      9 medications (3 for pain)
  •      Achey all over
  •      Moderate pain 
  •      Fatigue
  •      Headache 
  •      Neck pain
  •      Feet cramps
  •      Restless leg feeling in hamstring area

Conditions and Symptoms:

  •      Noise and light sensitivity
  •      Ringing in both ears
  •      Chapped lips, dry mouth
  •      Jaw pain
  •      Headache
  •      Shoulder pain and stiffness
  •      Muscle pain and muscle spasms
  •      Congestion
  •      Thirst
  •      Frequent Urination
  •      Constipation
  •      Hot feet
  •      Foot cramps
  •      Skin Blemishes 
  •      Listless Mood


  •    Laundry
  •    Walked 10 minutes
  •    Cooked a simple dinner

Today, my Symptom Journal reads:

  •    3 medications - none for pain (just hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and Guaifenesin)
  •    Ache from exercising - a much welcome ache!

Todays Conditions and Symptoms:

   None of the above!

Activity (Every day for the past 11 weeks):

  •    Sleep restoratively
  •    Make bed
  •    Shower, wash and style hair
  •    Applied make-up
  •    Dressed
  •    Cooked breakfast
  •    Washed dishes
  •    Did laundry
  •    Ran errands

Throughout the week, I plan and shop for dinner ingredients and prepare dinner. I assist my Elderly Mother In Law with appointments one to two days per week, walk on my TreadClimber for 30 minutes 3x per week and lift 5 lb weights for upper body. I clean the house in one day whereas I used to clean one room per day, if that. I can hike for up to an hour, whereas I used to only be able to walk my hallway for 5-10 minutes. I used to only be able to be in the car for an hour before having pain and muscle spasms.

Last month my husband and I drove to the Coast for lunch -- It was an 8 hour drive and I drove for 2 hours of it pain and fatigue free. Last weekend my husband was elated when he realized that we could go anywhere we wanted, do anything we wanted, without waiting for me to have a good day or fearing me paying for an outing with a week being bedridden.
I am working again! I started a Senior Concierge business with several doctors, a physical therapy office, and a social worker asking for business cards, and already have my first client.

No, it wasn’t easy - but it worked!!!  

Comprehending and following the protocol guidelines were quite difficult in the beginning because I was really sick. I’d become disabled in 2004 by 24/7 headaches, weekly migraines and fibro pain. 

The combination of Fibro-fog and pain medications made understanding anything difficult. I was fortunate that I was able to become a patient of Dr. Melissa Congdon in San Francisco, who also has Fibromyalgia, became well on the Guaifenesin Protocol and trained under the developer of the Guaifenesin Protocol, Dr. R Paul St. Amand of Los Angeles. 

Dr Congdon gave me the book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia” during our first appointment. She confirmed my diagnosis of FMS and added a diagnosis of Hypoglycemia. This was important because without changing my diet as well as taking the Guaifenesin and avoiding Salicylates, I would be well, but not feel better. She was right, as it took me a year to be very careful with my diet. The fibro-fatigue began clearing up within a couple of weeks of being perfect on my diet. It’s possible that I would have felt well sooner if I had paid more attention to my diet. 

Not everyone who has Fibromyalgia has Hypoglycemia. However, as it is an essential part of the Guaifenesin Protocol, and until there is an accurate test for Hypoglycemia, it is important to try the diet for a couple of months to see if it makes a difference.

I will always need Guaifenesin and the hypoglycemic diet, but I am so grateful they work!