5 Natural Pain Remedies for Fibromyalgia (FMS/CFS)

1. The Guaifenesin Protocol 

The most important component of feeling better and reversing Fibromyalgia FMS/CFS symptoms is Guaifenesin - The Guaifenesin Protocol is the only method for reversing the horrific symptoms of FMS/CFS. Reading Dr R Paul St Amand’s book, What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia, is necessary for navigating this protocol.

It takes time for the Guaifenesin Protocol to reverse all of the Fibromyalgia symptoms, so implementing the following natural pain remedies will increase your comfort level during the clearing process. If you are not yet following the Guaifenesin Protocol, these remedies are still beneficial. 

2. Exercise

Always check with your doctor before trying any new exercise. 

It can be a challenge to exercise when feeling like you always have the flu, but even minimum efforts show encouraging results. Exercise helps relieve pain and stiffness, reduces anxiety and depression, and helps to regain strength and stamina, especially from Chronic Fatigue. Some begin just by stretching in bed, others by walking the length of their hallway.

Follow the "Energy Envelope Theory" and pace around.   
Our muscles are in a constant state of contraction - use this method of using your heart rate to stay within your own range of energy. Start where you are, even if it's a few minutes of walking. Increase by a couple of minutes when you can. Over-exercising burns energy we do not have, which can lead to a flare up. 

If you are bedridden from fatigue, practice sitting in a chair.
Practice building up a tolerance for sitting in a chair. This requires using atrophied muscles, so start at 5-10 minutes at a time and build up by a couple of minutes when possible. If you’re beginning to feel discomfort, please rest in your normal position. 

Gentle movements are key.
Prolonged sitting has been linked to body pain, neck problems, obesity, higher risk for diabetes,  heart disease and higher cholesterol levels, to name a few. A new study offers some helpful perspective, suggesting that even a few minutes per hour of moving instead of remaining in a chair might substantially reduce the harms of over sitting. The damage of over-sitting can be reversed with 5 minutes of walking

3. Alternative Healing Practices

4. Music

Listening to soothing background music is scientifically proven to relieve pain and improve overall quality of life in those suffering with Fibromyalgia. If you are home alone, listening to soothing background music is easy while resting, working on the computer or even talking on the phone. Alternatively, meditation is also a great way to reduce symptoms. My favorite guided healing meditation:

5. Diet and Supplements

Always check with your doctor first. When researching the best brand of vitamins and supplements for you, check the list of ingredients to avoid blocking the Guaifenesin with salicylates.

Hypoglycemic or Paleo Diet
38% of us with FMS/CFS are carbohydrate intolerant or Hypoglycemic. Following a hypoglycemic diet reduces pain and increases energy, among many others. I personally no longer have heartburn, interstitial cystitis, acne, cravings, extreme hunger, IBS, or increasing weight gain. Consider purchasing the book What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Chronic Fatigue by Dr. R Paul St Amand, for more information on how carbohydrate intolerance relates to chronic fatigue.

Drink Filtered Water
Unfiltered water contains metals and fluorides which are harmful. Trace amounts of medications such as antidepressants and birth control from people flushing medications, are also found in unfiltered water. Do research online to find a filter system that removes most impurities. Follow your doctor’s recommendations on the amount of water to drink daily.

Magnesium is a sleep aid and regulates stress.

Vitamin D3
Fibromyalgia patients are notoriously low in Vitamin D3. Have your doctor do a lab for your levels. 
Vitamin D3 can help reduce Fibromyalgia pain.

These are used for rebuilding stomach flora. I use BioTrust Absorb Max because its packaging keeps the probiotics alive and the chemistry allows them to get to the stomach before the stomach acids kill it.

Cannabidiol (CBD)
Although quite controversial, I felt it was very important to add. 24 States now have legalized CBD - click here to see if your State is included.

Read more about the fact behind CBD here.