The Guaifenesin Protocol

The Guaifenesin Protocol is a Fibromyalgia treatment pioneered by specialist Dr. St. Amand.

There is no medication to date, that has been able to cure Fibromyalgia Syndrome, but Dr. St. Amand has found a way to reverse the symptoms of this illness. These steps are what I found to be the most helpful when starting the Guaifenesin Protocol -- it may seem daunting, but please don't give up hope!

Step 1

Get “What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia” by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand and Claudia Craig Mareck.

Everything you need to know about FMS is in this book. It can be difficult to read through illness and "fibro fog," so take your time. If you are not yet diagnosed, this book contains a comprehensive list of symptoms to help you determine if you may have fibromyalgia. 

Step 2

Receive a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. If, after looking over the list of symptoms and you feel you may have FMS, make an appointment with your General Physician. Take a list of all of your symptoms to the appointment and explain that you believe you have FMS. A referral to a Rheumatologist may be forthcoming, as many doctors are not comfortable making this diagnosis.

Step 3

Rule out any other diagnosis. Not everything  is FMS; there are several other illnesses that can be mistaken for it due to overlapping symptoms. Labs will likely be taken and will show that everything is normal if you have FMS.

Ask your physician to check your Vitamin D levels, as they are often low with FMS. Blood sugar levels may also be elevated, but not necessarily. If you believe that you have Fibromyalgia, regardless of receiving a diagnosis - and if you can - schedule an appointment with Dr. St. Amand or his protege, Dr. Melissa Congdon, who specializes in both Adult and Pediatric Fibromyalgia.

Please note: Most Fibromyalgics are doing this Protocol successfully without access to these doctors, utilizing Dr. St. Amand’s book,, and the corresponding support group at (administered by Claudia Merck).


Start keeping a symptom journal. This is vital so that you can track these symptoms, see progress being made, and compare to how you're feeling following the protocol.

Step 5

Eliminate ALL salicylates from use. 

Guaifenesin and salicylates both want to occupy the same kidney renal receptors; salicylates block the Guai from being where it needs to be to do its job - clearing the excess phosphates from the body. It has been likened to the renal receptor being a parking space and the salicylates “car” fits better than the Guai's. It now has to find somewhere else to "park."

Guaifenesin, when not blocked by salicylates, helps our kidneys expel this chemical wreaking havoc on our systems, 6 times faster than without it. This is what creates the reversal of symptoms. 

Converting to Salicylate-Free Products can be scary. I feared that If I missed just one salicylate, I would fail and not get better. I purchased all of my new toiletries from* and make up from and

*You can find completely salicylate-free products at and, including skin care, cosmetics, hair care, dental care and Guaifenesin. 

When purchasing products, you must check that product’s ingredients before EVERY purchase, as ingredients can be changed frequently. (For example, Softsoap used no salicylates when I started the protocol in Jan. 2015, but by March 2015 they had added it to their product.)

The protocol will clear the body of excess phosphates. However, those whom are carbohydrate intolerant or Hypoglycemic may not feel as well as they can, due to the overlapping symptoms. Please refer to page 121 of Dr. Saint Amand's book.  

Step 6

Start the Guaifenesin regimen. If you are unable to make an appointment with the aforementioned Dr’s or R.N., follow the dosage of Guaifenesin (as prescribed at

Start with the approved long-acting Guaifenesin, 300mg morning and 300mg at bedtime, preferably 12 hours apart. After one week, if you do not feel worse - like having a worse than usual flare up - double the dose to 600 mg at morning and 600 mg night. The clearing dose for most Fibromyalgics is 1200 mg.

If you can be mapped, it is recommended doing so after 1 month to see if your thighs have cleared. If they have, that is your clearing dose. 

It is important to note that the Guaifenesin Protocol is not a cure, but a reversal in symptoms.

Over time, we start to feel our true selves emerge from behind the pain, fatigue, and so many other symptoms under the Fibromyalgia umbrella. When that happens, it’s like suddenly remembering who you are and how lost you have been. Sometimes these breakthroughs last hours to days, but they are magnificent - just don't over do it on good days!