Robin - 6 Months



This is my 6 month progress report.

I came on [Fibro Buddies on Facebook] 6 months ago in the grieving of my "old life" stage. I was bedridden and in terrible pain everyday for 5 years. At the time I had to learn to live with this monster that is Fibromyalgia. Then I saw a video with Dr. Congdon with her brave patients that explained how well the protocol was working. I then knew I had to do anything to change the life I was living.

The first sign that made me notice the Guaifenesin was working was when I could turn my neck fully to the right and left - I didn't know that were so many deposits in my neck. My range of motion was coming back (I didn't notice I couldn't turn my neck with all the other pain going on). I could hear pops; it was crazy!

I responded pretty quickly to the Protocol; changed everything as we all do to be salicylate safe. My energy is very, very, very slowly coming back. I used to cry when I missed a summer of swim lessons for my son and couldn't imagine living the life I was living. When I use too many spoons or have extreme situations of stress I will be sore and very tired still (I learned from my pain diary what made me have bad days).

I am overjoyed to say last weekend we went to Karate with my son on Friday, and on Saturday went to his soccer game. Sunday I attended a cookie party that I had been missing for 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought a weekend like that could ever be possible again.

- Robin M.