Tina - 2 Years

Progress on the Guaifenesin Protocol


2 years and 3 months on the Protocol and I find myself doing things I haven't done since I was in my early 20's. This was my week:

Monday. I walked to my local yarn store to get stuff I needed to start learning to spin my own yarn. Then from there I walked to our old house to pick up mail that went there. Then from there I walked to a mall close to our new place to get some groceries. Then I walked back home. In total I believe I walked 12 km which took me roughly 2-3 hours, more because the sidewalks were icy. When I got home I laid down to rest but I didn't take a nap and went to bed at my normal bedtime hour. 

Tuesday. We got hit with a snow storm. I shovelled our front walk way before I took the kid to his peds appointment. Then shovelled again both front and back walkways when we got back. No naps, no pain meds. 

Wednesday & Thursday. I stayed home. Cleaned the house. 

Friday. Had a shower before heading to the kid's school for parent teacher interviews in the morning. Walked around his new school so he could show us around. Got home had lunch, then went out again with hubby. We had an appointment at our bank, which we walked to. Took 45 mins. On the way back home, which we walked again, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some essentials. I helped carry some of it back home. 

I would never had been able to do that 2-6 years ago.

Heck even 10 years ago.

Any walking would have tired me out so badly I would have passed out for a few hours when I got back home. I was constantly taking naps just to get through my day. Now I rarely need one. I do still have days where I'm useless but that's more because of what I ate than what I did (am carb intolerant) - unless I didn't sleep well during the night. 

I never thought I would be able to do all that I did this week ever again. I used to walk all over our city when I was in my early 20's. I'm in my early 40's now and am starting to do it all again.

- Tina